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      1. About US



        Distinguished friends:

        Welcome you to visit the website of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holding Co., Ltd. Now you and I can sit together transcending time and space through internet, and also by this chance, I'd like to express my sincere thanks for all friends who have all along given kind attention and support to our Group.

        Our Group was founded in December 1949. In the journey of over 60 years, she has been developed into an extra large scale state-owned complex that treats nonferrous metals, chemicals and equipments manufacture as core business mainly engaged in geological exploration, mining, mineral processing, copper, lead and zinc smelting and refining, copper, gold, silver and alloy products further processing and also involves in related industries as construction & installation, shaft & drift construction, scientific research and design, transportation and real estate development. In 2012 the Group realized the sales income of RMB 106.5 billion Yuan and became the first enterprise with hundred billion capital in Anhui Province.

        ?During the period of The 12th Five-Year Program, our Group shall follow its overall developing strategy of Innovation, Adjustment, Reorganization and Reconstruction with the strategy of "Create Conditions for Resource Exploration, Promote Main Industry, Separate and Restructure the Subsidiary Industries, Promote Circular Economy, Execute Innovation and Push Out Our Brand ", to further deepen reform and structure adjusting, accelerate its development, and to make itself become a modern enterprise equipped with international competitive capacity.

        ?At a new starting point of hundred billion leap forward development, we will treat promoting national nonferrous metal industry as our own responsibility with the core value of Create Achieves Future. We will use the resource effectively, promote society development, step together with the world and get mutual benefits and win-win results with our customers. We will push out the spirit of Practicality, Innovation, Cooperation and Self-reliance and make every endeavor to initiate a brighter future.

        ?An ancient Chinese poem goes: A bosom friend afar brings distance near. We are sincerely welcome all friend, being abroad and domestic, to visit this website. We hope that, by this website as bridge, the comprehension, cooperation and friendship between us will be promoted!

        ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Chairman of the Board? Yang Jun


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        Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holding Co.,Ltd
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